About the Council


The Parish Council represents the concerns and wishes of the whole community. The range of powers available to Parish Councils are few but defined by law.

Council meetings are presently held on the first Thursday of each month via zoom (during Covid) and may last up to two hours.

All meetings are open to the public. There is a public forum at the beginning and end of the formal Council for questions or comment from the public.

The work of the Parish Council is funded mainly by the Parish Precept.

This is a small percentage of the Council Tax collected on each property by Dorset Council and is paid to the Parish in April and September each year.

The budget for 2021-22 was prepared in December 2020 and the Precept was set at £31,000.

Accounts are prepared for each year, checked by the internal auditor and externally audited currently by PKF Littlejohn.

The Parish has two outstanding loans from the Public Works Loan Board, one relating to the purchase of the Playing Field in 1998 and the other for the Play Area in 1996.

Parish Council responsibilities include providing and maintaining recreational facilities a list of all the assets are available on the Council Property page.

The Council is a consultee on planning applications in the parish but the decisions are made by Dorset Council as the planning authority.

Parish Councils also need representation at other local government meetings or on local bodies / organisations and Councillors may be asked to serve on certain groups or attend functions on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council does not have a permanent office nor any full-time staff. The Clerk/RFO who works from home and is employed for 50 hours per month.

Contractors are employed to undertake other works including grass cutting and hedge maintenance. Specifications are drawn up and quotations sought.

Maiden Newton is a member of the Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils. Training and support is provided through the Association.